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AI Assistant - Text Generator API

AI Assistant - text generation API real example

Example input

  • The following is a conversation with an AI assistant. The assistant is helpful, creative, clever, and very friendly.

Example real generated results

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    How would you describe the experience of using Siri? […] It’s super fun to be able to talk to someone who can think for me about things that I know nothing about. It’s really cool because it gives me so many ideas on how I could use my time better or do something else in life without having to worry too much about doing everything myself. I like talking to people through apps, especially when they are smart enough to understand what I’m saying even though it’s not clear yet.

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    But there’s one problem… it doesn’t understand English as well as you do. So let’s talk about what I want to accomplish in this scenario: I want the Assistant to help me find an item that I’ve forgotten at home or lost on my travels. It hasn’t been easy because I’m not sure if it’s called “home” anymore. (My parents’ house was sold years ago.)

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    What do you think about this? How would it make your life easier or better? What does the person on the other end of that line want to know? I don’t have anything against AI assistants.

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    Hi! My name’s Kiri. I love to learn new things and try different skills so you can call me curious or inquisitive. I’m smart because I use data to help me figure out how to be more helpful, fun, interesting, and intelligent.

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