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Company classification - Text Generator API

Text Generator API Company classification API examples - company industry and sector classification

Example input

  • The following is a list of companies and the categories they fall into Facebook: Social media, Technology Uber: Transportation, Technology, Marketplace Mcdonalds: Food, Fast Food, Logistics, Restaurants {example}:

Example real generated results

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    {category} {sub-category} Is there a way to do this in powershell? A: You can use Get-ChildItem cmdlet for this: Get-Childitem -Path C:\folder\*.jpg | Select-Object @{n='Category';e={$_.name}},@{n='Sub-Category'; e={ $_.Name }}; Output will be like: Category;Sub-Category Facebook;Social Media Uber;Transportation McDonalds;Food Fast

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    Example business with many other categories You can then use your query to filter by category or company. This should give you a better result set. If there are too many categories in one table (e.g., Facebook), this approach will work for that case as well but you'll need to make sure that all fields have unique values so that it doesn't return duplicate results. A: I would recommend using a single table model instead of two tables because I think having multiple tables makes things more difficult when adding new

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    Other industry. I want to write an expression that finds all company names within each category. For example, this would return [ "Apple", "Microsoft", ] How can I do this using Ruby? A: This should work: categories = ["Food", "Technology",...].map(&:downcase) names = [] categories.each do |category| names << CategoryNameFinder.find_by_name(category).name if CategoryNameFinder.

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    All other category

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