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Ad from product description

Turn a product description into ad copy.

Example input

  • Write a creative ad for the following product to run on Facebook aimed at parents: Product: Learning Room is a virtual environment to help students from kindergarten to high school excel in school.

Example real generated results

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    It has been developed by experts and teachers who have years of experience with education. This program will not only improve your child's reading, writing, math skills but also develop their interest in learning. Parents - We are happy that you care about your children's future! The price is $49 per month or one-time

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    It allows you to set up multiple classrooms, each with different curriculum and teaching methods. Parents can easily access their child's classroom through your computer or smartphone. Advertisement: Learning Room - A Virtual Environment For Students To Excel In School Price:$39.99/month $199.00

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    It allows them to study, play games and chat with their friends. Features: - Study anywhere anytime! - Play online games! - Chat with your friends! Price: Free download now!! Get it before it's too late!!! Click here to get the link to Download Now! Parents who have children

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    It offers interactive activities that are designed with learning as its main focus. Features: - Interactive games and lessons - Fun, engaging content - Simple navigation - Easy to use - FREE! Parents can easily access their child's account through our website or mobile app. What do you need? A computer or tablet!

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