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Airport code extractor

A simple prompt for extracting airport codes from text.

Example input

  • Extract the airport codes from this text: Text: "I want to fly from Los Angeles to Miami." Airport codes: LAX, MIA Text: "I want to fly from Orlando to Boston" Airport codes:

Example real generated results

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    ORD, BST The first one is for a flight going from Los Angeles to Miami and the second goes between Orlando and Boston. There are two airports in each city where you would fly: either LAX or LOA or even LOSA, but none of them will do any harm. I

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    BOA, EWR BOA and EWR are both airports in Massachusetts; they have different names for their respective places of origin so you can tell them apart by looking at code numbers. You could also just look up which city the airport is located after it if it's convenient Airports use a three-d

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    ORD, BOS From one of these airports I would take a flight to: BOS; but from Los Angeles: LAX; so in other words, you could only take flights originating in: LOS ANGELES FROM LOS ANGELES or ORD TO BOSTON. Yes, no. No

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    ORD, BOS LZR is another code I can use for Los Angeles but it's not a standard one.

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