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Analogy maker

Create analogies. Modified from a community prompt to require fewer examples.

Example input

  • Create an analogy for this phrase: Questions are arrows in that:

Example real generated results

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    they lead you to the answers. Answers, on their turn, point us back into questions. In short - if we want a question answered then it must be related and answerable by other users. If someone asks something that is not relevant or irrelevant but still has value (and I think it's

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    you can use them to navigate the tree of knowledge, but they don't have a destination. They simply point at your own work. I think that is what you're trying to say when saying "questions" doesn't mean anything and they're just words without any meaning. But as far I know there isn't such thing

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    they point to the answers, but don't provide any information about what those solutions look like. The question is not a good answer. The solution does NOT include anything that can be used as evidence of how it works or why it's useful. A more accurate description would be: Answers show you where there might

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    they lead us to the answer, but not necessarily there. A: (1) The question is asking about a specific event or situation. (2) Answers can be either positive ("It's okay! I just want you know that I'm sorry. "), negative ("You should have said something earlier and let

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