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Classify items into categories via example.

Example input

  • The following is a list of companies and the categories they fall into: Apple, Facebook, Fedex Apple Category:

Example real generated results

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    Company Apple Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics, software applications, computer hardware, network infrastructure products, content delivery networking solutions, mobile communications devices, and services that are widely used in media consumption platforms such as personal computers Macintosh laptops PCs Windows tablets smartphones and other handheld computing and tablet systems Desktop Personal Computer (DPC) Manufacturer Company Apple iPhone Software Development Language Worldwide Retail Distributor Company Apple Mac Application Engineer Scientist Company Apple iPad Scientist Company Apple Mail

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    Company Description Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Cupertino California which develops products ranging from desktop computer systems to mobile devices such as iPhone smartphones and tablets, including iTunes Music Store software, Mac OS X operating system software, iOS System software and iWork productivity tools. Facebook Category : Company Description The social network site owned by Mark Zuckerberg is known for developing technologies that allow users worldwide to share photos videos messages with other friends on their platforms or websites. FedEx Corporation Company Description Fed

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    Company Apple's headquarters are in California. Science and technology company. Google, Amazon Businesses providing information services. Microsoft Business software provider. Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page on March 25, 1998 (originally as BackRub) is a search engine that offers several products including e-mail and web browsers. Science and technology company. Twitter Science and technology company. LinkedIn Science and technology company. Yahoo Science and technology company. Facebook Science and technology company. Twitter

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    Company (disambiguation) Facebook Facebook - Social Networking Site Yahoo - Internet Service Google - Search Engine Amazon.com Business (disambiguation) Dell - Technology Microsoft Corporation Science & technology (disambiguation) IBM Science & technology (disambiguation) FedEx Corporate transport business company category (disambiguation) Science & technology (disambiguation) Business finance (disambiguation) Business tech Business travel Tech service Tech software Scientist & engineer Science & technology

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