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Classify items into categories via example.

Example input

  • The following is a list of companies and the categories they fall into: Apple, Facebook, Fedex Apple Category:

Example real generated results

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    Software Subcategory Software development tools for Macintosh computers. This includes programming languages (C); operating systems; software engineering support services such as bug fixes. Other apps are available in App Store. Facebook : Category Business & Government Services Sub category Fintech ;Funds Management / Investment solutions like Fund Manager, Investments management System. It also provides advertising solution on FB Platform. (* ) FedEx – International postal service provider based out at Atlanta. Amazon Web Service Amazon(AWS

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    Computer Equipment Manufacturers/Represents Apple has been an innovation leader in information technology for more than 80 years. With one product that everyone knows...iPod. Other devices are still getting better but iPods have become synonymous with music. Facebook category: Social Networking Providers / Platforms/Services Has provided some social networking sites to people all over Internet since 2002. FedEx Category: Transportation Companies/Cargo Transporters Established by UPS who had just begun providing commercial

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    Apple. This includes all software (eg OSX) including iTunes etc. Facebook Category: Social Networking Software. These include Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn... FedEx Company Category Name: Transportation Services. This includes: Airmail, UPS shipping, A: .NET - Microsoft Azure Stack

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    Manufacturing Company U.S. Category 2B: Software company Canada (Canada only) A: There are so many options for small businesses to focus on that you will be surprised at how much business it can take care in itself! From what I understand your question specifically was "How do we start looking around Google?" So I'll answer this part as well... Start by searching all local newspapers with phrases like "Start Business & Small Payday Loans Near Me! Check Cashing / Certificates

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