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  • Create an outline for an essay about Nikola Tesla and his contributions to technology:

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    - He was the inventor of many technologies, including electricity. - His life was shortened by disease. - His work inspired several people around the world. Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most important inventors in history. In this article we'll describe some examples that highlight his importance as a scientist. The first example concerns Tesla's invention of electricity. As described above, he designed equipment which could be used to generate, store or distribute power. Most modern-day countries have either developed their own form of electric energy or are currently developing new ways to produce more energy efficiently. We can see how much technology has evolved since Tesla created these methods using today's society, particularly our reliance on the internet. Many aspects of human culture would not exist without the influence

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    -Tesla's achievements include inventing several types of electric motors, wireless radio systems, as well as lighting devices, such as a flashlight.- He also developed the first practical induction machine, which enabled him to build more efficient electrical machines, including generators, alternators, motors... -He is regarded by some historians of science and many engineers today as one of the greatest American innovators. Nikola Tesla History of Science A History of Modern Physics The works are now published under the imprint World Scientific Publishing Company The history of modern physics has been dominated in recent centuries not only by Newton's scientific revolution but also largely through the developments brought upon it and inspired by this revolution. This development was greatly aided by new methods

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    -Tesla, inventor of the modern alternating current electric motor. -The induction machine is another invention by Tesla. -Other inventions include radio frequency (RF) antennas, capacitors,... Discover why people think this person was important in their life? Do you know any famous people with that name? What do they contribute to society or science? Use your own voice, so it's authentic. Try saying things like: "Many people have written..." "I saw these photos on Facebook...." "The new iPad looks great!" You can also talk about yourself a lot because you'll get more practice talking out loud as well. For example, tell stories from home schooling experiences, family vacations, etc. You may want to share how you got

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    What is the main topic of this article? Here you can find a list on what you should write in your paper: Technology has been developed by scientists including Nikola Tesla. His achievements are mainly due to invention of some new concepts, which led to creation of many useful devices that have changed our world significantly. History Invention and contribution to science Discoveries Technology today depends heavily on developments made in the 20th century. Many inventions like telegraph, phone, radio, electric motor have come from electrical engineer named as Tesla. His work was unique because he could produce electricity directly using electromagnetic energy. Tesla's contributions include electromagnetism and modern technology such as: How were technologies developed? His idea started with creating a bridge between classical

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