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Explain code

Explain a complicated piece of code.

Example input

  • class Log: def __init__(self, path): dirname = os.path.dirname(path) os.makedirs(dirname, exist_ok=True) f = open(path, "a+") # Check that the file is newline-terminated size = os.path.getsize(path) if size > 0: f.seek(size - 1) end = f.read(1) if end != "\n": f.write("\n") self.f = f self.path = path def log(self, event): event["_event_id"] = str(uuid.uuid4()) json.dump(event, self.f) self.f.write("\n") def state(self): state = {"complete": set(), "last": None} for line in open(self.path): event = json.loads(line) if event["type"] == "submit" and event["success"]: state["complete"].add(event["id"]) state["last"] = event return state """ Here's what the above class is doing: 1.

Example real generated results

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    It checks to see whether any files are already present on disk. 2. If they aren't, 3. (or 4.) it will save their content onto a tarball (in case of success) 5. (if it's not empty), this function extracts data from each individual.txt file into its own zip archive. As I said

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    It iterates through all of its lines (lines[2:]) 2. For each key / value pair found on this list, 3. it calls a function to add/modify an attribute. If none of these functions fails after 10 attempts with success_failure=0. The last time any two attributes are added or modified

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    Get a reference to an existing thread (if one exists) 2.) Call wait_for() 3.) If there are no threads running at this time, then exit. This works perfectly fine because we're using python 3 but we can't use its functions directly. This will only be done on Python 2. So I thought about creating my

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    It reads a JSON response from another API, 2.) If it finds one type of message -- such as an error or warning-- it's done. 3. Once completed (the first time), its callback functions are called. Here we would like to add some validation when our logs don't match any existing entries but still have their data

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