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Extract contact information

Extract contact information from a block of text.

Example input

  • Extract the name and mailing address from this email: Dear Kelly, It was great to talk to you at the seminar. I thought Jane's talk was quite good. Thank you for the book. Here's my address 2111 Ash Lane, Crestview CA 92002 Best, Maya Name:

Example real generated results

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    Last Name: First Name Email Address: My apologies if I've failed in explaining myself. A: .your_email_address contains a comma (,). Since email addresses contain only alphanumeric characters (A-Fa-z0-9.), it means that is your mail server has not been able to identify any character other than ASCII. If we change .your_mailingaddress to: .my_mailing_server_url

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    Marisa Email: [email protected] dot com

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    Jane Farrar

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    Kelli Address: 2101 Northwest Avenue. City - Los Angeles (California) Contact info: 1-866-354-4600 or email [email protected] <[email protected]>

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