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Friend chat

Emulate a text message conversation.

Example input

  • You: What have you been up to? Friend: Watching old movies. You: Did you watch anything interesting? Friend:

Example real generated results

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    Yes, I watched this one. It was really good. The story is about a woman who lost her husband in the war and now she has no other choice but to take care of her children by herself. You should see it if you're interested. Friend: I'd love to! Friend: Sounds like

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    Yes, I saw this movie. It's really good! You should see it too. Friend: Thanks but I'm not interested in watching that anymore. I've seen it a lot of times before. You know how much I hate repetition. Friend: Oh no? How come? You like the plot and everything else

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    Yes. I saw a film about the Titanic. It was very sad, but it made me think of my parents' relationship with each other. You know how they were when they first met? Friend: No. How did you two meet? Friend's mother: They didn't even know that their son and

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    Yes, I saw a movie about aliens. You know what it was called? Friend: Alien 3! Friend: It is so good! You should see it too. But I'm not sure if my parents will let me. They are watching TV now. I think they might be asleep. If you want

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