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Grammar correction

Corrects sentences into standard English.

Example input

  • Correct this to standard English: She no went to the market.

Example real generated results

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    She got herself a nice meal and ate it. Or: After she had eaten, I sat on her knee. A: (a) "The girl didn't go" is incorrect since there are two girls in English. (b) (c) (i) The speaker does not know whether Mary goes or stays home

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    The word go was used in a way similar to: 1. She will get there. 2. (A very small but frequent) she'll do it. This, as is clear from these examples and all I know of what goes by here (and maybe even more), has two possible meanings. (a

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    This is equivalent: (a) She was not there, as in: No one comes up that way. (b) It didn't come true at all. It should be (c) (We used "were" in my commentary. I am trying hard for clarity.)

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    A: (1) I guess (to put it bluntly, like you are in a meeting and someone says something that looks as though they're going against their usual style of saying what they mean but which would be expected by others). The only thing I've been able to come up with for her is "to

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