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Grammar correction

Corrects sentences into standard English.

Example input

  • Correct this to standard English: She no went to the market.

Example real generated results

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    She didn't go into town. The following translations are from French or Spanish and do not belong in the text (please correct them): No se fue a la ciudad. Ella no va al mercado. La traducción que sigue son del francés o el español y no pertenecen en este texto (por favor, corr

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    She didn't go into the market either. No need for commas, because they are a single sentence with two parts. She didn't want to be there. She was not interested in going. Her answer confirmed her position. Yes she did. No she didn't, but that's beside the point. No she did

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    She did not go to buy food at the market. No she didn't, but thank you for asking! Yes she went and bought some food from the local market, though. Yes, yes, yes -- she actually went and ate there as well. Yes, she's a vegetarian - but no, it's nothing

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    She didn't go into town today. she doesn't like being out in public at all so she stayed home. No, she didn't go into town. She stayed home! Yes, that is correct. You can't have her going around the streets of New York city when it's 110 degrees outside and she's a little girl

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