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Interview questions

Create interview questions.

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  • Create a list of 8 questions for my interview with a science fiction author:

Example real generated results

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    1. What is your favorite book? 2. What was the first thing you read when you were in school? Did it have anything to do with physics or chemistry, biology etc.? Why did that influence how much time and effort I put into reading books about these subjects? 3. How does writing help improve scientific literacy? A: I am not sure if this will be relevant but here are some ideas on what might interest an audience who want something like this: Why would they care? (For example why should people listen to podcasts?) Are there any other ways we can make our content more accessible (for instance by making them easier-to-read)? Is their knowledge sufficient enough so as long as someone knows at least one word from each sentence then he

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    1. What are the main themes in your books? 2. What is it about you that makes them so unique and interesting to read? Why do they appeal more than others? A: I am not sure if I have enough time on this site, but here goes! My first book was published by an independent publisher (and only one). The second went through three different publishers before being released as part of their anthology series. The third came out under contract from another company who then put me into charge of marketing. This happened at least twice within two years. When we started working together there were no specific plans or goals except what would work best given our current situation. In terms of publishing specifically... We had some ideas already set up

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    1. What is the first book you read? 2. What was your favorite part about it? Why or why not, and how did that impact on what happened in other books you've ever read: A: I would say I started reading at age 7. It took me 10 years to finish The Hobbit (which has been one of my favorites since then). And even though I've never had any real interest outside fantasy/science-fiction novels before this job offer came along - I'm still curious as to whether it's possible. A: My answer will be based off some personal experience from working outdoors. There are many different kinds of outdoor activities such as: hiking/biking/skiing/running etc... The best way to prepare

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    1. What was the first book you read? 2. What were your favourite books in high school/college (if any)? 3. Which film or TV series did I watch when young? A: I would say that "The Matrix" is probably one to consider, because it has some very interesting ideas about life after death and how technology can be used as an escape route. The movie also makes quite strong statements on social issues such as: whether there are good people who choose not to use their powers; if we should have control over our own lives instead of being forced into them by others. A: There isn't really anything wrong with asking this question at all - it's just something I've done before! If you're talking specifically about writing novels

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