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Interview questions

Create interview questions.

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  • Create a list of 8 questions for my interview with a science fiction author:

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    What is your favorite genre? Which books have you read that influenced the bestsellers you've written? How do you write fantasy stories? Who are some people who inspire you to be an artist or writer? Where did you grow up and what was it like growing up in this area? Why did you decide to become a novelist? What type of writing style does your character use? How would you describe your characters? What kind of storyline can you create? What inspired you to start writing? How long has been since you wrote anything new? What inspires you to continue working on your work? What made you want to publish your book? What's your biggest fear about being published? What do you think makes someone successful as a novelist? What

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    What is your favorite genre? How many books have you written so far? When did you begin writing? Who influenced your interest in the subject matter? What do you like about the medium of literature? Where would you most enjoy reading or watching stories and films. What are some examples of other authors who inspire you? What was it that made you want to write, specifically what inspired you to become an author? What kind of writer does not use pseudonyms? What were the first words you ever wrote down? Why did you decide on this topic? What is your philosophy regarding language? Do you think there should be more diversity in literary works? What type of characters do you find yourself drawn towards? What makes good characters memorable? Which character traits make

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    What is your favorite genre? Where do you like to read? How did you get into writing? Who influenced you the most as an writer. Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of reading and writing that would be interesting to know about? Tell me more about yourself. What kind of books are you currently reading? Which book was the last one you finished before starting this job? Have you ever been asked what inspired you to write? Give me some examples of how you've written in different genres, including short stories, novels, non-fiction, etc. Talk about why you're interested in doing this particular job. Describe how long it takes from start to finish when working on something new. Explain whether it's hard work or not. Why

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    What is the name of your current series? Where did you first publish your work? When were you born and what was your birth date? How many books have you written? Who are some notable characters in your works? How do they interact? Why does this person write such stories? What genre(s) of story do you like to write about? How long has it been since you've finished writing something? What's next on the horizon for you as an writer? Do you think there will be more sequels or spin-offs from any of these novels, etc.? How would I contact you if I want to ask you anything else? Have fun! If you're interested, send me a message via Facebook Messenger. Here are 10 questions that we discussed during

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