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JavaScript helper chatbot

This is a message-style chatbot that can answer questions about using JavaScript. It uses a few examples to get the conversation started.

Example input

  • You: How do I combine arrays? JavaScript chatbot: You can use the concat() method. You: How do you make an alert appear after 10 seconds? JavaScript chatbot

Example real generated results

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    : You can pass a delay of 10 seconds as a second parameter to the sleep(). This way it will show on screen in 10 seconds. You are able to see this function here (https://repl.it/@LemonyKite/sleep) and you should be fine with what is shown here

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    : Use the function delay(). Wait for 10 secs and run your code, then it will show on screen. Please don't remove the brackets. JS Code < br /> JavaScript chatbot: Your answer is " [(function() { var date; document.write (new Date()); })]

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    : Can't see it now. It's up to me what does my answer look like! 😆 That's all we have for this week's tip of the day! See you again next time. 🙌👋💪❤️😃✊🏾 JavaScript and Java is a

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    : Alert ("Hello"); // Show a popup alert ();

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