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JavaScript to Python

Convert simple JavaScript expressions into Python.

Example input

  • #JavaScript to Python: JavaScript: dogs = ["bill", "joe", "carl"] car = [] dogs.forEach((dog) { car.push(dog); }); Python:

Example real generated results

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    cars=["jacks","mike"]; for k in dogs: if any((k==j for j in cars)) : print (cats) else: pass if cats is True: cat_list=[ ] #create the list with all of these dogs else: try: pets=[] pet_cats={} while not len(cattists!=0 or None!=caterpils()[0]) == 0: animals_and_p

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    [bar] This will make no sense. If I use List Comprehension as @FuzzyBones suggested, Python 2 and 3: ([list of objects with lists in them (like animals/animals_100) List comprehension can work if you have an object that contains a list inside. Example: (Dog is Dog) Java 1 & Java 2: (List<? extends Animal> Animals) A: In both languages, for (var i : Iterable<Animal>"s => Animals[i]!

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    for dog in dogs : for cat in dogs: print (cat +'has a friend of') if len (cats)!= 0: cats += '\n' print A: def addFriendOfDog(){ #This is the code you will use below return {'name': 'cars'} } '''Add friendship by calling function above''' cars=[] DogsList=[]; list1=list[addFriendOfDog] ; #print lists

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    cars_list=["Billie","Joe1","Carl"] for item in cars_list : for d in dogs: print "dog"+str(d) Output: Dog Billie I want this output: ( Dog Joe1 ) Dog Carl

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