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JavaScript to Python

Convert simple JavaScript expressions into Python.

Example input

  • #JavaScript to Python: JavaScript: dogs = ["bill", "joe", "carl"] car = [] dogs.forEach((dog) { car.push(dog); }); Python:

Example real generated results

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    cars = [dog for dog in dogs if dog!= 'john'] print(car) #['carl','joe'] print(len(cars)) #3 def f(): print(dogs) f() #javascript2py3: JavaScript (NodeJs): // create a list of strings and add them all into `list` function makeList(){ var str1="one"; document.write(str1);

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    car = ['dog1', 'dog2'] for x in dogs: print (x) print (car) # prints list of dogs names and cars that they are in as array elements with [0] being the first element in the car array. For example if a name has multiple cars then you will see ['card1'][2] or whatever value it was. # Printing all values from the arrays... allValuesFromArray1 = [car[0]][0] allValuesFromArray2 = [

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    cars = ['dogs', 'doggie', 'cat'] for car in cars : print (car) # print each element of a list in alphabetical order print() print (car) # print last element only if you are looking for that value! cars[2] = 'johnny dogs' cars[-1] = 'cats and dogs'; print(len(cars)) # number of elements contained within the array or list. cars[3]= ['

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    ###CodeHere ### dogs = ['bob', 'john','mike'] # dogs in a list dogs.sort() # sort the dogs according their names. cars=[] # declare cars in the same way as `dogs` did earlier. for dog inDogs: # assign values into cars with each of `dogs` elements. cars.append(dog) carryout_something_with_the_cars_and_dogs(); def carryout_s

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