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Extract keywords from a block of text. At a lower temperature it picks keywords from the text. At a higher temperature it will generate related keywords which can be helpful for creating search indexes.

Example input

  • Extract keywords from this text: Black-on-black ware is a 20th- and 21st-century pottery tradition developed by the Puebloan Native American ceramic artists in Northern New Mexico. Traditional reduction-fired blackware has been made for centuries by pueblo artists. Black-on-black ware of the past century is produced with a smooth surface, with the designs applied through selective burnishing or the application of refractory slip. Another style involves carving or incising designs and selectively polishing the raised areas. For generations several families from Kha'po Owingeh and P'ohwhóge Owingeh pueblos have been making black-on-black ware with the techniques passed down from matriarch potters. Artists from other pueblos have also produced black-on-black ware. Several contemporary artists have created works honoring the pottery of their ancestors.

Example real generated results

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    A: (I am not sure if you are aware that there exists an official website called "Artisanal Pottery" which contains information about many different styles.) The following article describes some typical examples. http://www.artisanspottering.com/ You can find more on it here: http://www.p

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    A: I think you are looking at one particular type called "white on white". White On White The term 'white on white' refers to two different types - either all your pots were painted (or otherwise decorated) then fired; OR they had only an outer layer that was burnt off

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    A: The word "white" comes to mind. In ancient times it was used as an adjective referring specifically to white clay. In modern usage it's more commonly associated with porcelain (or glass) that looks like pure white; however there are still some examples where people use whitebait instead. For

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    A: (I am not sure if I understand your question correctly) The word "white" comes out as an adjective when it refers to something that looks white but actually contains some kind of pigment. In Spanish we use adjectives like blanco (light), amarillo (yellow) etc... which are used only on

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