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Micro horror story creator

Creates two to three sentence short horror stories from a topic input.

Example input

  • Topic: Breakfast Two-Sentence Horror Story: He always stops crying when I pour the milk on his cereal. I just have to remember not to let him see his face on the carton. Topic: Wind Two-Sentence Horror Story:

Example real generated results

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    His mother is going out of control, and she has no idea why. She tries to stop her husband from drinking too much beer but he won't listen. No spoilers please... Topics are: Baby food Childhood story Crying Father daughter Father child Forgiveness Parenting Parental conflict Parents

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    We are being blown away by strong winds, and our tent is coming off. My phone can't even pick up a signal. """ """ Two-Paragraph Horror Story: After losing my camera in Hong Kong, it was very hard for me to find another one because there aren't any shops selling

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    We all get seasick in this car, even though it's so quiet that there is hardly any wind at all. I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.... Two-Sentence Horror Story: My husband keeps staring out of the window because he can't sleep and he's looking

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    When my sister and brother-in-law first moved in, we were so lucky they had a front door with two wind breaks   Two Sentences - No Thumbs Up or Down Stories: None of these seem interesting enough for me. There are more? No. No. Yes. Yes.

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