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Notes to summary

Turn meeting notes into a summary.

Example input

  • Convert my short hand into a first-hand account of the meeting: Tom: Profits up 50% Jane: New servers are online Kjel: Need more time to fix software Jane: Happy to help Parkman: Beta testing almost done

Example real generated results

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    Tom is very happy about his business profits, and new servers have been deployed. Jane will test her application on that newly available hardware before finalizing it. Kjel needs some time to finish fixing an issue with their program so they could start beta-testing again. And Parkman has just finished setting-up all of their infrastructure for beta-testing. They were having problems when running their code in production environment but now things seem fine as well. Asking them what they're working on can make your readers'

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    Tom's profits have gone up by 50% and new servers have been launched. Kjel needs some more time to finish his beta testing but he will be available for it soon, says Jane. On top of that, Parkman said he's just about ready with their test version - happy they can work together! The meeting was successful thanks to all these positive news from different projects within the company. It's great to hear what everyone has achieved in terms of progress. This is why it's important to keep track on daily

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    Tom's profit went up by 50%. Jane is working on new server hardware and Kjel needs some extra hours in order to finish fixing his software. They all seem happy about it, including Parkman who's nearly finished beta-testing their project. The next meeting will be held at Johnsons house this Saturday afternoon starting with a lunch around 12 PM. See you there! Lunch starts at 1:30 pm so that everyone can have time for questions or comments before joining us in person around 3PM. There

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    Tom has made profits by 50%. He is happy about it because he used all his hard work and effort. A new server was built recently in preparation for an upcoming expansion. It will be ready soon as well, since Kjel works on fixing the program now while Jane helped him with it before she went back home. Parkman still needs some finalizing things but is sure that we should release the beta version next week. The full version will come out this month or may possibly even later. If you

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