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Notes to summary

Turn meeting notes into a summary.

Example input

  • Convert my short hand into a first-hand account of the meeting: Tom: Profits up 50% Jane: New servers are online Kjel: Need more time to fix software Jane: Happy to help Parkman: Beta testing almost done

Example real generated results

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    . I don't know if these three had all been on each other's radar prior or not, but they were. At least for me. The above is written from our perspective as users (or maybe I just want it better). The following would be someone else' s point of view with some added information you could add about your organisation. This may also suit others who have heard this story before; perhaps that person has never met anyone like Tom and Jane? A: You didn't quite make any sense

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    . Time for beta testers. Sven (a former coworker) : We're planning on taking down this place. The first half is clearly meant as an informal commentary about what Tom had just said, in order to make it clearer that he did not believe his own statement was accurate; and while Parkman agreed with her opinion she still made use of "the fact" when pointing out some important details like how long ago their last talk took or which new version they planned/wanted them working on;

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    . Just need one extra day. Tom, Jane and Kim discuss their plans for tomorrow. This is all from around 2am... so it could very well be that this would not have happened unless I was at work (or if there were someone else watching too).

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    and ready for production. Peter: We have three new features coming soon. What would be your interpretation? Do you think it's okay? A: A person reading this will assume that what they read is an explanation (not just fact) about Tom, Kjel or Jane who all use their personal names but also uses one pronoun in each case which doesn't make sense as it should work equally well both ways. It looks like you've made these assumptions yourself with either wrong spelling/formatting by misplaced comma's

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