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Parse unstructured data

Create tables from long form text by specifying a structure and supplying some examples.

Example input

  • A table summarizing the fruits from Goocrux: There are many fruits that were found on the recently discovered planet Goocrux. There are neoskizzles that grow there, which are purple and taste like candy. There are also loheckles, which are a grayish blue fruit and are very tart, a little bit like a lemon. Pounits are a bright green color and are more savory than sweet. There are also plenty of loopnovas which are a neon pink flavor and taste like cotton candy. Finally, there are fruits called glowls, which have a very sour and bitter taste which is acidic and caustic, and a pale orange tinge to them. | Fruit | Color | Flavor |

Example real generated results

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    +----------+---------+-------------+---------------------+--------+ | 1 | pummelo | yummy | yellow | 2 | red zucchini | brown | +------------+------------------+------+-------------- | goocruche | Pink | Sour ,taste as lime juice| | 3 | Purple | Citrus,fruit's good | | 4 | Red | Lime, citrus tastes bad | ocruklus | White | Lemon, better

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    | ------------------|-------------| | Glowl | Green | Sweet | | Neon Pink | PINK | Sour, | +--------------------------+----+ The main food sources for those types are:

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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bloomfruit - Pinky Green Tastes Like Milkshakes. Mango Punch Purple Causes diarrhea/diarrhcea in large amounts; contains poisonous alkaloids (mimicking cocaine). Nose Bombs Bright Red Very Sour; Poisonless if eaten with other nectar, but can cause severe abdominal pain after accidental ingestion. (Sweet) Oyster Shell Fresh Orange Seedy as well. P

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    --------------------------+---------------------------- Neon Pink | Loopnova LoopNova | Neonskyzle Growl | Glowli Pounit | Looheckel

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