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Product name generator

Create product names from examples words. Influenced by a community prompt.

Example input

  • Product description: A home milkshake maker Seed words: fast, healthy, compact. Product names: HomeShaker, Fit Shaker, QuickShake, Shake Maker Product description: A pair of shoes that can fit any foot size. Seed words: adaptable, fit, omni-fit.

Example real generated results

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    My guess is the name should be something like "QuickShoes". It just seems a bit weird to me as well...

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    A: I think you're on the right track with your algorithm. First we need to find out which words are most likely for each product and then build a bag-of-words model from these features. Here is an example code snippet (simplified) : import numpy as np # feature extraction step -

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    I have two questions. Is there a better way to code this? Or is it the best approach in case I don't want my app being tested on an iPhone? 1) How do you write your test for compatibility with different screen sizes and device types? (for example - should all tests run if user sw

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    I have a list in Python code and want to convert it into the above. Here is my code: import re pattern = r'^\s*(?P<name>[\w-]+)\s+([^\s]*)(?:\s+(.*))?$' \ ^^^^^^^ ^^ Matching

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