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Restaurant review creator

Turn a few words into a restaurant review.

Example input

  • Write a restaurant review based on these notes: Name: The Blue Wharf Lobster great, noisy, service polite, prices good. Review:

Example real generated results

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    I like the Lobsters. They are cooked to perfection and come out of their shells with just enough sauce so that they don’t get too mushy. Price: Highly recommended ($14) Location: Downtown Vancouver near Westfield Mall in downtown area where you can walk into any local eateries or take public transportation there for $9 - $10 per person if you’re going alone. A: This is an oldie but still relevant question. In my opinion it's better than asking "what's your favorite place

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    Excellent food. Service was excellent and very efficient. Location: Great location for lunch or dinner in the area of Newburyport (near to both schools).

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    I had the Lobsters with Bacon and Butter. It was very tasty. The atmosphere is nice but it can be loud at times because of all that noise in front. A: This might help you out as well. I would say this place has an excellent reputation for serving lobster. But there are other things going wrong here too. First off - they serve their lobsters over cold water instead of hot water (like most restaurants). This makes them look like they're sitting outside when really it's inside

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    Very nice lobster. Nice portions and very reasonable price. The food was delicious! I loved the crab cakes with garlic butter sauce! I will definitely be back again! A: This is one of those questions where there are two answers that work equally well. You can either write something like this: We ordered from this place because they were recommended by our friends who had been to it before us. or you could use your own words about why you've chosen them over other restaurants in town (e.

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