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Spreadsheet creator

Create spreadsheets of various kinds of data. It's a long prompt but very versatile. Output can be copy+pasted into a text file and saved as a .csv with pipe separators.

Example input

  • A two-column spreadsheet of top science fiction movies and the year of release: Title| Year of release

Example real generated results

  • star

    ---------------------------- Star Trek 1977 Harry Potter 1997 A: You can use a recursive algorithm to find all subdirectories that contain at least one movie. This is very similar to: def check_movies(movie_dir): for root, dirs, files in os

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    ---------------------- The Matrix 1999 ... ... The column titles are a bit confusing. I would like to be able to: List all films with their respective years in order (I can use this list later on for other things) For each film, show me how many times it was

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    -------------------------------------------------- | The Thing (1979) | 1982 | Star Wars | 1977 A: (Note: this is not a complete answer, but it should get you started.) The best way to find out what movie was released in which country is: look at Wikipedia's listings for all releases. If you're

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    ------------------------------------------------- Alien, The 1968 ... Star Trek 1979 (Star Wars is later) X-Men 1982 (later) Doctor Who 1983 Avatar 2009 (in 2012 it was replaced by Galaxy Quest) A: (The following list has been edited to remove duplicate entries.)

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