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Third-person converter

Converts first-person POV to the third-person. This is modified from a community prompt to use fewer examples.

Example input

  • Convert this from first-person to third person (gender female): I decided to make a movie about Ada Lovelace.

Example real generated results

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    I think she should be considered the first programming woman in history. It will tell her story as told by other women who influenced and challenged her, such as Grace Hopper of Johns Hopkins University. She is the epitome of being driven, determined and ambitious without fear. The following are ways to help me

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    I went ahead and wrote the story that is below... I'm now looking for someone who can edit, add visuals etc before producing my film!. Hi there! My name's Sarah and I'll be writing some script/story for you today in order to create a short horror/fantasy comedy movie with

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    I made her as the main character and have it titled "First Lady". There is now an Ada Lovelace Festival in Texas every August with talks on her accomplishments, book signing events for those who are interested in learning more and art installations around town. She has become an inspiration for computer

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    I watched some of her movies on YouTube and saw that she is famous for the program called Babbage's Analytical Engine. She was also famously known as "the first computer programmer". After reading articles, books, etc., it became apparent that there were many other people who are now considered "first

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