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Third-person converter

Converts first-person POV to the third-person. This is modified from a community prompt to use fewer examples.

Example input

  • Convert this from first-person to third person (gender female): I decided to make a movie about Ada Lovelace.

Example real generated results

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    I don't know if it is my first attempt at making one and what went wrong or not. Then, in the second paragraph of your sentence above you use "when" instead of "for": ... When her father died he made an appointment for us... [after she graduated]... She knew that when they

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    The film is going through phases of pre-production and production now in New York City, so I want people who know what she was like or can tell me more than anything else how much it changes the way we think—which might be helpful as my audience base grows. You could do both things by

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    I think it's better than making something like The Princess Diaries, which is so full of sex. This works well for the sentence as it has no gender information. So my question is: what would be an appropriate answer if you have more context surrounding your subject? If we had other contexts such as: The

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    What is her name, where she was born and what were the major discoveries of her life? Which two aspects are missing in my research? (It seems like you only asked for details on one aspect but not both) This question also relates to: How can I edit or add information into an existing wiki?

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