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TL;DR summarization

Summarize text by adding a 'tl;dr:' to the end of a text passage. It shows that the API understands how to perform a number of tasks with no instructions.

Example input

  • A neutron star is the collapsed core of a massive supergiant star, which had a total mass of between 10 and 25 solar masses, possibly more if the star was especially metal-rich.[1] Neutron stars are the smallest and densest stellar objects, excluding black holes and hypothetical white holes, quark stars, and strange stars.[2] Neutron stars have a radius on the order of 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) and a mass of about 1.4 solar masses.[3] They result from the supernova explosion of a massive star, combined with gravitational collapse, that compresses the core past white dwarf star density to that of atomic nuclei. Tl;dr

Example real generated results

  • star

    The theory has been tested by several observations. There will be some debate over what happens inside an accreting system at large distances as it moves away form its natal environment. However we do know that there must exist energy sources within any systems around our own sun in such close proximity - perhaps even out

  • star

    Neutrons undergo spallation when they hit hydrogen atoms. They can be formed by nuclear fission as well though it's only 50% efficient. The energy released in this process has two major effects: 1) This causes all matter surrounding them to expand, so any existing gas/light fluid around

  • star

    In this section we will discuss why neutrons matter at all for both nuclear physics as well as astrophysics. Neutrons Matter in Nuclear Physics Atoms can be viewed either point particles or collections electron-positron pairs. The electrons orbit around their nucleus through an electromagnetic field known as circular

  • star

    Neutrons in their unaccelerated state exist only as free particles or electrons within atoms. They can be accelerated by accelerating electric fields so they become electrically charged when placed inside an electromagnet. This phenomenon gives rise into radio waves called cosmic rays - known since Ancient times but not discovered until 1905

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