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VR fitness idea generator

Create ideas for fitness and virtual reality games.

Example input

  • Brainstorm some ideas combining VR and fitness:

Example real generated results

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    1. Create a virtual gym or yoga studio for your employees, guests and/or clients to work from home in. 2. Have them do an exercise class on their own time with the support of instructors via video call/chat (if necessary). 3. (For more information about how these exercises can be incorporated into regular office hours see our previous post.)

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    A virtual reality training session for people with autism. People can wear a headset to experience the world around them. Virtual Reality Training is about more than just an exercise machine, it should be used as part of your overall rehabilitation plan in order that you will not only get back on track but also improve health outcomes such as:

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    A virtual gym with a personal trainer, so you can workout while doing other things such as watching movies or reading. You could even get your hands on the same equipment that is used in real gyms. You’re probably familiar with one of these apps—it’s called Fitbit Connect—and it lets users track their activity during every day using its sensors. (It also helps them learn about how they were exercising.) Now imagine this — you’re not only able to see what was done but have an actual physical version too! That means no more excuses when going for walks after getting up from bed! If we take another look at our life-style now; it’s hard enough being stuck inside because there are always people who want us outside like running errands

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    • Work out in a virtual gym with the help of your personal trainer. -Workout at home or on-the-go -Virtual training sessions will be available to you every day for free. You can even schedule them when you're not there! This is an amazing way to get fit without leaving comfort zone! Get rid off stress, burn calories while enjoying fun games that simulate real-life workouts such as yoga classes (and more!) which are all delivered through online video calls so it's easy to take care yourself from anywhere around the world! (more...)

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