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Legal Writing - Text Generator API

Legal Writing - Text Generator API for legal contract writing automation

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  • Nothing in this subpart limits or affects— (a) any right or

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    power of the Commonwealth to enact, amend, repeal or terminate any law; or (b) any constitutional privilege or immunity enjoyed by a member of parliament.” No further legislation is required under s. 67(3). The Bill was passed and now sits on the table awaiting Royal assent. A new referendum will be held once the Bill has been signed into law. This means that if Parliament passes another bill regarding the referendum result then there will be no need for a second referendum.

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    privilege under the United Nations Convention against Corruption; and (b) any other international agreement, treaty or convention to which Trinidad and Tobago is a party. No law of Trinidad and Tobago shall be inconsistent with this Act. This Act may not affect the rights granted by law to persons who are immune from prosecution under international agreements." The Criminal Code was amended so as to provide for offences relating to corruption in public office: s. 309 of the Criminal Code now reads: "(1) Whoever eng

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    power of the Secretary to require a person who is an alien to be registered as provided for by section 101, subsection (c); and [(b) (1) any power under this part to order that a foreign country take reasonable measures against a threat posed by terrorism; or (2)] any authority granted under s. 101 to impose penalties upon persons convicted of terrorist offenses; or (3) any powers under this part to provide for the confiscation of property belonging to terrorists; or (

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    entitlement of the government, as a matter of law; or (b) any right or obligation to pay taxes under federal law. This part does not affect: (c) any interest that may exist between you and another person. [emphasis added] U.S. Code section 101(d)(3). In other words, an employee is entitled to their vacation time if they work on it.

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