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Generate Text about multiple images

Text generator - Generate Text and answer questions about multiple images

Example input

  • Which fairy do you think is most feminine? 1: https://static.text-generator.io/static/img/fairy1.jpeg 2: https://static.text-generator.io/static/img/fairy2.jpeg 3: https://static.text-generator.io/static/img/fairy3.jpeg A:

Example real generated results

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    1, 2, 3 A: Here's how I would solve it. Let us assume that all these images are stored as strings in an array called imageArray. Then we can use some regex to match each of them and extract their names: let result = []; for(let i in imageArray) { let imgName = imageArray[i] // Extract only the name of the image: let reMatch = /\W\w+\.(jpg|png|gif)(\W\w

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    A gargoyle figurine, which is more masculine. A: The first one The gargoyle has to be male because of the blue color and the crown. A: I believe this is The second image (a picture of an upside-down monkey) It seems that when people look at it they are expecting it to be "upside down" as well

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    I would say that 2 and 3 are more feminine but 1 is not because it has such an obvious masculine look to it. B: Fairies are cute, but only if they are in groups of three or more. C: It's hard to say what makes them "feminine" since they're all pretty different shapes. A: I agree with @DaleB's answer (but I'd like to add my own comment). As long as we follow the same rules for choosing answers, then there's no problem. As a

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    The answer should be B. B: The answer should be A. My code so far is: import re def main(): string = input("Enter the string: ") print("String is: " + str(string)) pattern = r'\(([^)]*)\)([^{}]*)' for match in re.findall(pattern, string): if len(match) > 0: result = ''.join(re.split(r'\\(.+?

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