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Product Name Generator API - product naming ideas generator API examples - text generation

Example input

  • This is a product name generator. It takes a product's description and seed words, then outputs a list of potential product names. Product description: A complete home gym that can fit in any apartment. Seed words: intelligent, aspirational, luxury, futuristic Product names: InfinityHome, Quantum, FlexFit, Flight, FutureFit Product description: An affordable electric bike. Seed words: Easy, eco-friendly, practical, dependable Product names: Pegasus, Swifty, SunRunner, Wave, Amp Product description: A zero carbohydrate cereal that tastes great. Seed words: fitness, healthy, keto, clean, tasty Product names:

Example real generated results

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    KetoFit, TasteFusion, Ketogenic, CleanFusion, PaleoFusion, PureKeto, PaleoFusionSmoothie, CleanEcoKeto, CleanTastyCleanKeto, CleanTastyPaleo, CleanTastyHealthyKetogenic, CleanTastyCleanHighly recommended The descriptions are taken from Amazon reviews. The seed words were chosen by me at random (without replacement) and the products listed here are not necessarily true duplicates but

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    KetoTaster, KetoChips, Crunchie, TasteeRyder The result will be a string with all the possible combinations of those two strings. For example, if you had a product named "Flight" and it was described as "A complete home gym that can fit in any apartment," this would look like this: flight + home + gym + apartment + fit You could also use these same methods to generate other types of combinations from your products descriptions and seeds.

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    KetoCharge, Cinnabon, Keebler, Chocolate, DietCoke Ketogenic Coffee Crystals - Black (100g) Ketogenic Cafeine Bars (4 pcs) The above code was run at https://onlinejudge.appspot.com/showcase/product-name-generator with the following parameters: {description: 'The Ultimate Home Gym', seedwords: 'intelligent, aspirational, luxury, futuristic'} InfinityHome Quantum

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    Keto, Cleanse, Fizz, FatBurner, Crunch Fitness, Ketosis, Crash This tool will help you come up with more ideas for the products you're already selling or planning to sell. You just need to provide some text describing your product and enter a few keywords into this form. The tool generates a list of possible product names based on your input. For example: If I were starting a clothing store online called Fashionista Clothing, I'd enter "Fashionista" as my

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