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Example input

  • This is a product name generator. It takes a product's description and seed words, then outputs a list of potential product names. Product description: A complete home gym that can fit in any apartment. Seed words: intelligent, aspirational, luxury, futuristic Product names: InfinityHome, Quantum, FlexFit, Flight, FutureFit Product description: An affordable electric bike. Seed words: Easy, eco-friendly, practical, dependable Product names: Pegasus, Swifty, SunRunner, Wave, Amp Product description: A zero carbohydrate cereal that tastes great. Seed words: fitness, healthy, keto, clean, tasty Product names:

Example real generated results

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    Swerve, Chocolate Fudge Keto Bars, SlimFast Low Carb Cookies, Sugarless Strawberry Banana Crumbles I am using the Python package pybrain to train my model. I have two classes for each training iteration - one with product names as input and another with products descriptions as input. In this example, there are 3 iterations. import numpy as np from pybrain import * # data set size N = 100 # number of samples

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    KetoSnack, KetoBite, KetoSweetener, NoCarbZ, Ketoseedz The following code uses the algorithm to generate product names for products with descriptions similar to those above. import itertools as it from collections import defaultdict def get_seeded_product_names(description): """Generate all possible product names from given seed words. :param str description: The description. :return: List of product names generated by this method.

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    KetoCereal, FitnessTaste, ChocolateTaste, BlueberryTaste, MintTaste A few ideas to test with your own data:

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    EatWellKeto, KetoChoc, KetoBerries, KetoFruitBlend

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