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Question Answering - Text Generator API

Question Answering API - answer quewstions with the Text generator API

Example input

  • ``` My second grader asked me what this passage means: """ Overnight trading for the NYSE Index futures was a bit volatile, dropping by about 3% to the downside before moving sharply back to the upside. Gold futures were unchanged and the E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures remained near unchanged. The yield on the 10-year Treasury bond finished unchanged from its close of 2.45% earlier today. """ I rephrased it for him, in plain language a second grader can understand: """

Example real generated results

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    The price action overnight on the Nasdaq Composite index futures moved back and forth between gains and losses (3%) as traders kept their eye out for any signs that the economy might be slowing down. Gold futures prices stayed basically flat but the gold price itself fell by about 1%. The yield on the 10 year treasury note ended at about 2%. """

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    In overnight trading for the NYSE index futures, they dropped by about 3 percent, but then moved sharply back to the upside. Gold futures stayed at the same price as yesterday. The Nasdaq 100 futures ended with little change. Yields on U.S. government bonds held steady around 2%. """

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    The overnight trading activity is quite low (3%) but then moves sharply upwards again. Gold prices are not changing much and the Nasdaq index goes up by around 2%. "" This should be easy enough for a student who has been taught that "if you change one thing in an equation, everything else must also change". If I want my students to know how to solve equations without being told all the steps first, I'd like them to understand why their solution changes when they do something different.

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    NYTSE Futures fell slightly overnight (3%), but then recovered quickly. Gold prices stayed nearly constant; Nasdaq 100 futures also did not move much. The UST-10Y Bond Yields stayed essentially flat at 2.45%. """ Which is fine, except that my child would like an explanation as to why he should think the first sentence's statement holds true.

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