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Translation between languages - Text Generator API

transfer between languages with Text Generator API - english to french example

Example input

  • English: I do not speak French. French: Je ne parle pas français. English: See you later! French: À tout à l'heure! English: Where is a good restaurant? French: Où est un bon restaurant? English: What rooms do you have available? French:

Example real generated results

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    Quelles chambres avez-vous disponibles? English: Do you accept American Express cards? French: Acceptez-vous les cartes American Express? English: Does your hotel offer free wireless Internet access in the rooms?

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    Quelles chambres avez-vous disponibles? A: This answer comes from an old but still very relevant book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to French (1968) by William H. Brownell. It seems that in the past it was common for Americans and Canadians to use phrases like these as informal greetings when speaking with each other. The author of this book says that although people may think they are using American English here, there isn't really any difference between the two.

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    Quelles chambres avez-vous disponibles? (In both languages, the question and answer are in parentheses.) A: For some reason, these sentences sound wrong to me. But it is possible that my ears don't like them because of the way they end (in English, it's a simple sentence, but in French it ends with a pause) or something else.

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    Quels sont les chambres disponibles? English: I'm sorry, but the room's already taken by someone else French: Merci beaucoup pour votre compréhension. La chambre est prise par quelqu'un d'autre These are just some of the many examples that can be found in this book. All these expressions and phrases are used to express gratitude or politeness.

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