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Example input

  • My favorite programming tweets: ------- I asked @ilyasut how to set neural network init. He accidentally replied with a poem: You want to be on the edge of chaos Too small, and the init will be too stable, with vanishing gradients Too large, and you'll be unstable, due to exploding gradients You want to be on the edge ------- I've been programming for 10 years now. Still feels like magic out of a fantasy: say the words exactly right, and watch your intent get carried out; say the words slightly wrong, and things go haywire. Feeling of wonder and joy hasn't faded one bit. ------- Web programming is the science of coming up with increasingly complicated ways of concatenating strings. ------- If you ever feel alone in this world, read your firewall logs. Problem solved :) ------- Always wanted to travel back in time to try fighting a younger version of yourself? Software development is the career for you! ------- After 17 years as a professional developer, it seems that the answer to every programming question is "it depends" -------

Example real generated results

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    I once worked at an online retailer that was using PHP and MySQL to run its ecommerce system. The company hired me to develop something called'shopping carts' - basically, they would have customers add items into their shopping carts (via forms) which were then stored in MySQL tables along with the customer's information. This allowed them to track what each customer had purchased over time. The problem I found was that there wasn't much support for doing calculations/analyses on these data sets.

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    The worst thing about programming (besides bugs) are people who think they know what you're doing because you've written something similar before. A: This sounds like an excellent book - I just finished reading "The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide to C++" by Steve Scott. It has many good points here but there are two especially relevant ones to me. Don't use new unless it's absolutely necessary.

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    Software engineers are responsible for everything from writing code to ensuring software quality standards and customer satisfaction levels meet company goals. ------- A: The first thing I would suggest looking at is whether or not you have an interest in learning more about the subject. If so then I'd recommend picking up some books on the topic. In terms of specific advice I'd advise following the Stack Overflow blog (link) which has several posts dedicated to various aspects of programming including performance tuning.

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    I have recently begun working full-time at a startup (a company that has raised over $40M), where I work primarily in web technologies but also write some iOS apps occasionally. As an engineer, I'm responsible for all aspects of our infrastructure, from building server-side frameworks for various components such as authentication or caching systems to managing all of the data center servers we use to power everything. This includes monitoring them using tools such as Nagios so they can be easily restarted if something goes awry during production

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