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  • Accelerate your startup’s growth with NVIDIA Inception  Thousands of startups around the world use NVIDIA technologies to accelerate their growth and reimagine advanced solutions in AI, deep learning, data science, HPC, networking, graphics, AR/VR, and gaming. NVIDIA Inception is designed to help startups build their products and grow faster. Members get engineering guidance

Example real generated results

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    from a team of experts, access to technology resources including GPUs, code development tools, and cloud computing services, and support for scaling up operations. You can learn more about NVIDIA Inception here. A: We have been using Nvidia's accelerators (CUDA, Tesla) to improve our processing speed on large datasets over the past few months. In particular we are using CUDA (and recently OpenCL) to do parallel matrix multiplication. This has allowed us to solve very large systems

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    from industry experts, access to the latest tools and resources, a free office space at our headquarters (San Jose, California), as well as marketing support. Join us today!

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    from industry leaders on hardware development as well as access to a network of experts, mentors, partners, and resources for product research. In addition to providing these benefits, there are other services offered by NVIDIA through its partner ecosystem: Industry Advisory Services (IAS) – Provides consulting and technology advisory services to customers Development Programs – Developers can work closely with engineers at NVIDIA to develop new applications using GPU computing, including software training, driver development, application benchmarking, and

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    from industry experts that can save them time, money, and resources as they develop groundbreaking applications for a wide range of industries. To learn more about our technology acceleration program or if you would like to apply, visit https://inceptionprogram.nvidia.com/

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