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API may go down due to Cyclone Gabrielle

API interruptions look likely due to power outages

Power recovery may take up to a few days

Note: parts of this article are completely fabricated and have been generated by Text-Generator.io and are marked in green for entertainment purposes, but like all AI predictions they do provide a look into the future

How did we get here?

Back in my day...

Back in my day, we didn't have the internet. We had to go to school and learn things. We had to go to the library and read books. We had to go to the store and buy things. We had to go to the bank and get money. We had to go to the post office and send letters. We had to go to the doctor and get sick.

Something about the industrial revolution and the pollution revolution...

In the industrial revolution, the pollution began to rise and the air became polluted, then came a hotter earth.

Fast forward to today and we have not prepared for the kind of power outages we may soon see

It's not just the power outages, it's the lack of water and food that will be the real problem

Power outages will fall across a lot of the North island of New Zealand where Text-Generator.io is self hosted

Meanwhile, the South Island will be hit by a massive earthquake

Most neighbours have lost power, are sandbagging their homes and strapping everything down, They have lost things like 100 year oak trees that is highly unusual.

The storm is expected to hit the South Island on Sunday, with the worst of the weather expected to hit the North Island on Monday.

How is Text-Generator so affordable and yet competitive with OpenAI and Google?

One of our secrets through the economic downturn has been being really cheap, which puts us in this self hosted situation now

Our other secret is we have a lot of experience in the industry

Running our own hardware allows us to undercut most speech to text and text generation companies so far.

It also means we can be more flexible with our pricing and offer a free tier for those who need it.

Text Generator is also a self hostable product, self hosted customers are unaffected.

But remember, you probably don't need to self host, we have a lot of capacity and can handle most loads.

My heart goes out to all effected by recent natural disasters, please drop a comment/share/let me know if been effected by the new climate and what you are building with the new world of affordable AI

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family

Kia Kaha New Zealand

Are we that cheap?

The pricing is $0.00005 USD per second, that's 0.003 USD per minute or 0.18 per hour of audio (billed by the second so your not charged more)

There is a free tier of 5.5 hours of audio transcription per month

Yep over 8x cheaper than Google!

Yep, as of today Google Cloud Speech to text costs 0.006 USD for each 15 seconds meaning at best you'll get $0.0004 a second and pay 8x on Google cloud speech to text.

It is 5x cheaper than Assembly AI with a much larger free tier too.

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