Text Generator Brain Text Generator

Cloud Text Generator

$6.99 USD Per Month


$41.99 USD Per Year Half Price Special Offer

  • fast_forward Quick Start
    The fastest way to get started using the API
  • language Multi-lingual generation
    Instruction following, logic and creativity in almost all languages
  • code Code generation
    Polyglot Code, Autocomplete, Translation, Explanation generation.
  • lock Complete data privacy
    We do not store any private data sent to the APIs.
  • money 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Full refund any time within 7 days.


Self Host - DIY

All APIs Unlimited Access.

$0 USD Free as in Freedom.

  • gps_fixed Advanced prediction engine
    Same Cloud APIs you know, under your control.
  • rocket_launch Docker and Kubernetes builds
    Autoscaling best practice config and zero downtime deploys.
  • hub Embedding, Generation, Speech to text APIs
    Host all Text Generator services behind a single easy to operate service.
  • lock Network isolation
    No network requirements - Although text generator can download and analyze any input links to write better copy.

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Self Host - Enterprise

Text Generator API - Deeply customized setup and prompt tuning by us

  • height Autoscaling customized for your needs
    Expert hand tuned autoscaling for best cost savings and performance in your unique situation
  • dns Custom hardware accelerators
    Custom optimization and consulting for Gaudi/TPU/Nvidia/AMD and other custom hardware
  • moving Metrics integration/dashboards
    Defining and tracking custom metrics important for you
  • tune Prompt tuning
    Expert hands on solutions for advanced AI - Like Logical, Long form and Factual content generation.
  • person 1 month consulting and integration
    Leverage our expertise guiding the best in generative AI
  • all_inclusive Unlimited instances and usage
    All APIs with unlimited instances and usage
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