Text Generator Brain Text Generator

Cloud Text Generator

$6.99 USD Per Month


$41.99 USD Per Year Half Price Special Offer

  • fast_forward Quick Start
    The fastest way to get started using the API
  • language Multi-lingual generation
    Instruction following, logic and creativity in almost all languages
  • code Code generation
    Polyglot Code, Autocomplete, Translation, Explanation generation.
  • lock Complete data privacy
    We do not store any private data sent to the APIs.
  • money 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Full refund any time within 7 days.


Self Host - DIY

All APIs Unlimited Access.

$99 USD per instance per year

  • gps_fixed Advanced prediction engine
    Same Cloud APIs you know, under your control.
  • rocket_launch Docker and Kubernetes builds
    Autoscaling best practice config and zero downtime deploys.
  • hub Embedding, Generation, Speech to text APIs
    Host all Text Generator services behind a single easy to operate service.
  • lock Network isolation
    No network requirements - Although text generator can download and analyze any input links to write better copy.
Concurrent Instances
This is the amount of instances you can have running at the same time. Two or more instances are recommended for production workloads.


Self Host - Enterprise

Text Generator API - Deeply customized setup and prompt tuning by us

25k USD per year

  • height Autoscaling customized for your needs
    Expert hand tuned autoscaling for best cost savings and performance in your unique situation
  • dns Custom hardware accelerators
    Custom optimization and consulting for Gaudi/TPU/Nvidia/AMD and other custom hardware
  • moving Metrics integration/dashboards
    Defining and tracking custom metrics important for you
  • tune Prompt tuning
    Expert hands on solutions for advanced AI - Like Logical, Long form and Factual content generation.
  • person 1 month consulting and integration
    Leverage our expertise guiding the best in generative AI
  • all_inclusive Unlimited instances and usage
    All APIs with unlimited instances and usage
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