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  • The Tragedy of Macbeth is a play by William Shakespeare about a

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    n Englishman who, in 1040, led a group of men to kill Malcolm II. It was first performed at the Globe Theatre on 4 January 1593 and later moved to other venues including London's Haymarket Theatre and Southwark Playhouse. The original production closed after only nine performances when it ran out of money. In 2005, the National Trust announced that they would buy the theatre for £1 and reopen it as part of their plans to restore historic buildings with the aim of preserving them and making

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    king who commits murder and other atrocities. The play was first performed in 1606, although it has been argued that the plot is based on earlier events involving Macbeth's ancestor Macduff.It tells the story of Macbeth from his birth to his death: an early life as a servant boy growing up under a brutal master until he becomes one of the most powerful men in Scotland. However, when Macbeth dies at the hands of Macduff (the murderer), Macbeth's son

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    man who commits murder. The play was written in 1599 and first performed on 1 March 1602 at the Globe theatre, London. It tells the story of the murderous king Banquo's attempt to kill his son Malcolm after he becomes involved with Macduff's daughter Macbeth. It concludes that Macbeth's own fate ultimately leads him down to his doom.

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    Scottish nobleman, Banquo. The tragedy tells the story of his murder by Macduff and his son Malcolm. It was first performed in 1599. This page describes the plot summary only.

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