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Example input

  • Title: Lovely War Rating: 3/5 Quotes: - "It was time for James and Hazel to get properly acquainted. Time to see if the magic of music and moonlight and graceful movement were all that they had shared, or if a grimy gray London dawn and a cheap cup of coffee could make them feel the same way." - "Annihilation has its own je ne sais quoi. We’re all guilty of it. So spare me the sermons." - "His mother’s letters are full of urgent warning. She grew up in Mississippi. She knows about lynching. Aubrey wonders if he’ll die in his country before he ever gets the chance to die for his country. Either way, he’d rather not." - "Whatever boost sixty captured miles might have brought to German morale was erased by the chocolate in the BEF’s packs. War is morale. War is supply. War is chocolate." Thoughts: - Pacing felt awkward - WW1 history felt accurate - Didn't care too much for the story of the Gods Review: A good book with well rounded characters, but the pacing felt super awkward. The titles of the chapters showed which Greek God was speaking, but I was more interested in the WW1 tales than their relationships. ''' Title: Goodbye, Things Rating: 4/5 Thoughts: - very cleanly written - read easily - author did good research Review:

Example real generated results

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    A: I don't know what you want from a review. I'm just going to give my thoughts on this one. The plotline seems like a bit of a mess to me - it's really hard to follow and there aren't any clear main points to keep track of when reading through the first half of the novel. It starts off pretty fast (and slow) as we move along with the characters, but then there's no real momentum throughout.

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    An interesting and easy to read book on the topic of things as they exist after death. Goodreads review: ''' Title: Ghosts from the Past Rating: 5/5 Thoughts: - great historical fiction! - a great blend between horror and historical fiction - really liked the characterisation and how the author made her characters believable Review: This was my first experience with ghost stories, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I enjoyed this one!

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    This novel follows two brothers as they struggle through the death and chaos that followed World War II. They spend a lot of time at home trying to deal with the effects of war on their family life and themselves. The plot was interesting enough - what happens when people find out that someone who worked in government survived an attack by Nazi soldiers? What will happen once those secrets get out?

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    I enjoyed this short novel that had a nice tone and character development. The narrator's voice was easy on my ears as she described her thoughts on various subjects such as food choices and what people like best or least. I particularly liked how she portrayed her family, though they were quite different from mine. In particular, I loved her description of being raised Catholic when we were both raised Methodist.

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