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Ad from product description

Turn a product description into ad copy.

Example input

  • Write a creative ad for the following product to run on Facebook aimed at parents: Product: Learning Room is a virtual environment to help students from kindergarten to high school excel in school.

Example real generated results

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    Students learn by interacting with other kids, teachers and staff. Advertiser's Name: LearningRoom (your name) Price Range($10-$100)* (Please include your price range if applicable) A: I think this could be an interesting advertisement that would appeal more than just teens.

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    The learning room can be accessed through your computer or mobile device and allows you to: - Connect with other users of our platform. - Get access to educational content that will prepare them academically, socially, emotionally, physically & mentally. Create an advertisement page using Google AdWords (paid) targeting

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    The learning room includes interactive games, educational videos and other resources. You can use this as an example of how you would create your own ads. If you're looking into creating one yourself then take some time out today - it's free! A: I have created two different types of advertisements which I am

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    The learning room includes an online library, homework and quizzes that can be accessed anytime anywhere. What you need A photo of your child (with his or her name) wearing this shirt with their family's face. The goal was not only do we want them thinking about it but also show off

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