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Extract contact information

Extract contact information from a block of text.

Example input

  • Extract the name and mailing address from this email: Dear Kelly, It was great to talk to you at the seminar. I thought Jane's talk was quite good. Thank you for the book. Here's my address 2111 Ash Lane, Crestview CA 92002 Best, Maya Name:

Example real generated results

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    Maya Email: [email protected] Mailing Address: 2111 Ash Lane, Crestview Ca 92002 Thanks! Your email has been sent successfully. Thank you again! Email Message 1 Sent Successfully The message has now been resent with the following change - You can also reach me by phone (800) 832-2222 Email Subject Hello MAYA Email Body Happy Holidays Happy New Year We will be closed January 5 through 7. Happy holidays Happy new year You can call or text

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    Maya Lenz Address: 2211 Ash Lane Crestview CA 92002 Thanks to those who attended our seminar on April 16th. We have a wonderful lineup of speakers coming up soon! If you're interested in attending some or all of these seminars next year, let me know by emailing [email protected] so that we can send out more information. We'd love to see you again! Thank you! Kelly: <file_other> Jane is going to be

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    Maya Muddleduck Jones Email: [email protected] Address: 2111 Ash Lane, Crestview CA 92002 Thanks! [...] You can find more details about that email below. The subject line of the original message is May 1 - 10 Seminar 2011 Conference Call Registration Form (1). It contains a PDF attachment titled registration form22011.pdf. Note that there are two forms in here with the same number on them - one for each day of the conference call

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    Maya Kuo Address: 2111 Ash Lane, Crestview CA 92002 Phone: +1 (209) 834-2222 Email: [email protected] Contact her on Twitter @CrisKelly or Facebook Kelly Cline Banking Advisor You can reach Maya through email at 1 (888) 363-0777. Your banker will be able to answer your questions regarding a mortgage loan program if you'd like some help in determining what would work best with

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