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Factual answering

answering factually about questions

Example input

  • Q: Who is Batman? A: Batman is a fictional comic book character. Q: What is torsalplexity? A: ? Q: What is Devz9? A: ? Q: Who is George Lucas? A: George Lucas is American film director and producer famous for creating Star Wars. Q: What is the capital of California? A: Sacramento. Q: What orbits the Earth? A: The Moon. Q: Who is Fred Rickerson? A: ? Q: What is an atom? A: An atom is a tiny particle that makes up everything. Q: Who is Alvan Muntz? A: ? Q: What is Kozar-09? A: ? Q: How many moons does Mars have? A: Two, Phobos and Deimos. Q: What's a language model? A:

Example real generated results

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    Answer not in context Q. What's devils advocate answer not in context What is KZN-9H Answer not in context The ZZP-7 proton trap experiment at Fermilab? Answer not in context (it was shut down) Who's Batman George Lucas Answer not in context

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    A statistical machine translation system. Answer not in context Answer not in context What are all these other things? None of the above choices.com Bat-man Answer not in context None of the above choices.com Devz9 Answer not in context None of the above choices.com Kozar-09 Answer

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    ? Answer not in context The answer not in context Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing mainly in DC Comics. His alter ego was originally Batman's name under its own title series, until the 1960s when he was given his first mainstream identity as Bruce Wayne / Batman. In recent years he's

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    A system designed to automatically generate text. Answer not in context What was Bruce Wayne's alter ego? Batman was his superhero alter ego, who fought crime as Bat-Man. It featured both physical appearance and a number of powers granted by various forms of mental stimulation from drugs such as LSD or catech

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