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JavaScript helper chatbot

This is a message-style chatbot that can answer questions about using JavaScript. It uses a few examples to get the conversation started.

Example input

  • You: How do I combine arrays? JavaScript chatbot: You can use the concat() method. You: How do you make an alert appear after 10 seconds? JavaScript chatbot

Example real generated results

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    (again): The following code makes a new window open and displays "Hello" at that location, but when it comes to checking if anything happens in between those two methods. What would be best? A while loop or some sort of event handling? function run () { var users = ["user1

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    (after having answered your question): With setTimeout(). It looks like JavaScript is not as flexible as C# or Python and its syntax does have a few issues that are confusing new users.

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    : Use setTimeout(). When they click on send, what happens? When does JavaScript run? (They must wait to see their answers). Javascript chat bot with AJAX (no jQuery) [code] //This is just a placeholder for now. Later in code const test = `I have some array names

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    : Use setTimeout(). So basically, it all depends on what is in your code and how long you're going to wait for them.

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