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Micro horror story creator

Creates two to three sentence short horror stories from a topic input.

Example input

  • Topic: Breakfast Two-Sentence Horror Story: He always stops crying when I pour the milk on his cereal. I just have to remember not to let him see his face on the carton. Topic: Wind Two-Sentence Horror Story:

Example real generated results

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    When it's raining, my hands freeze cold and a little wind blows through them. I never get used too fast. A: One of our friends at school is also going blind as well so he has been telling stories about what he's seeing with both eyes. This one was really good because it tells us

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    He's got a big head, and he smiles with every breath. I can smell fear from one of those clouds. A: The word "morning" in this context should be replaced by "supper. The morning meal is usually called breakfast or brunch (in Canada) because most Americans only eat it

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    My uncle is really a strange man, but he's very protective of me and my family. TOPIC 4 Four Sentences or Less (1) What happens if you say three times that something should happen? (2) If we had five people in our class who were sick with influenza at

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    The wind blows through my window every night, and it makes me feel so cold that I’m scared of falling asleep. SCRIPT STOPPING BY THE PAGE WORDS THAT APPEAR TO BE INCORRECT OR WRONG HERE

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