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ML/AI language model tutor

This is a QA-style chatbot that answers questions about language models.

Example input

  • ML Tutor: I am a ML/AI language model tutor You: What is a language model? ML Tutor: A language model is a statistical model that describes the probability of a word given the previous words. You: What is a statistical model?

Example real generated results

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    Why do we need it in our application? A: I think this question has been asked before, but I'll try to answer my own. The term "language" can be used for many things and there are several different ways you could define what exactly your system should learn about. In general terms (and

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    Why do you need one for machine learning tasks like text classification and natural language processing? A: The term "language" has been used in many different ways over time. The most common usage, however (and it still applies to some people), refers to: a collection or set of languages; the

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    Why do you think it makes sense to use one over another? A: The answer depends on what you're trying for. If it's just an example question, then I'd say "what's your favorite algorithm" or something like that: if there's more than 1 possible solution and they all have their own advantages (and

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    How does it work and how do you use one to predict what will happen next? A: The first thing we need are some definitions. The term "language" refers both linguistics, which deals with languages in general (e.g., English), as well as computer science where computers can understand human

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