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Natural language to OpenAI API

Create code to call to the OpenAI API using a natural language instruction.

Example input

  • """ Util exposes the following: util.openai() -> authenticates & returns the openai module, which has the following functions: openai.Completion.create( prompt="<my prompt>", # The prompt to start completing from max_tokens=123, # The max number of tokens to generate temperature=1.0 # A measure of randomness echo=True, # Whether to return the prompt in addition to the generated completion ) """ import util """ Create an OpenAI completion starting from the prompt "Once upon an AI", no more than 5 tokens. Does not include the prompt. """

Example real generated results

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    # This is a Python list comprehension since we want everything that occurs after 'once' and before 'end' (start) = [(i[0] + 2 * i[1] - 1).split() for (i, (pos,) In zip( xrange( 0, len( y ) or None ), [0, ]

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    print('OpenAi:'+ utils_openai())

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    @util.hook('after_completed_task_1') def on_after_simple_openapi1_failed_to_call( task, source_state, ):

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    def create(prompt=''):

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