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Parse unstructured data

Create tables from long form text by specifying a structure and supplying some examples.

Example input

  • A table summarizing the fruits from Goocrux: There are many fruits that were found on the recently discovered planet Goocrux. There are neoskizzles that grow there, which are purple and taste like candy. There are also loheckles, which are a grayish blue fruit and are very tart, a little bit like a lemon. Pounits are a bright green color and are more savory than sweet. There are also plenty of loopnovas which are a neon pink flavor and taste like cotton candy. Finally, there are fruits called glowls, which have a very sour and bitter taste which is acidic and caustic, and a pale orange tinge to them. | Fruit | Color | Flavor |

Example real generated results

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    Description Loopnova - Pink Cotton Candy Sweet Pounit - Green Savoury Green fruit Neoskizzle - Purple Cute Sweet Loohecko - Grey Blue Tart Orange-like loohecko with an extra citrusy bite Loookool - Yellow Pale yellow fruit Neokulloo - White Cream white cheese flavour Loopluke - Red Red grapefruit-flavoured lollipop Glowluf - Acid

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    Description | Cargo size (in cubic meters) | Name Nezskizzle Purple Candy-like 4.5 Neoskizzle Loheckle Grayish Blue 5 Loopnova Pink Cotton candy 3.3 Pounit Green Sweet 9 Glowl Orange-Bitter Acidic 1.4 Summarize this information in an table: A simple summary describing all these different fruits is: The latest data set sent by space station Phobos-Gorilla

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    Description Neoskizzle | Purple | Sweetest | | loheckle | Grayish Blue| Tarts most | | pounit | Bright Green | Sourer,but sweeter| | loveknot| Neon Pink| Like Cotton Candy| | Glowl | Very sour Bitterly -Acidic,pale Orange # Write your code here! # complete def calculateFactors(factors) : for factor in factors :

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    Description Neoskizzle (neon pink) Neon pink and extremely sour Loheckle Grayish-blue Sour Loheckle is the closest match for the description "very sour" in the list below. Loopnova (pink) Neon pink Sweet Loopnova matches best with "Sweet" from above. Glowl (orange-brown) Bitter Very sour Orange-brownish flavor similar to "caustic". The last listed is

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