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Translate programming languages

To translate from one programming language to another we can use the comments to specify the source and target languages.

Example input

  • ##### Translate this function from Python into Haskell ### Python def predict_proba(X: Iterable[str]): return np.array([predict_one_probas(tweet) for tweet in X]) ### Haskell

Example real generated results

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    code class PredicateFunction(): """This class handles a particular predication. A predicate is any computational process of determining whether an object will match (and therefore be classified as such) or not. For instance, if you wanted to compare the length and text

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    Version def prediction_of_tweets_pdf_from_extracted_features_1() -> Int = print( # Define the data, then define a random forest to do an unsupervised learning on train_data, learn_Forest_2( features=ExtractedFeatures(

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    ## ##

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    version import time, random data T = let t := ("AniBuzz:" | "Bobby_Brothers") | "Willow_Forest") f :: String -> [T ] Int f :> mapMplyT TwitterTwitter$

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