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Create ideas for fitness and virtual reality games.

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    run a race, play soccer, or do yoga. Find something that you enjoy doing in real life but would like to try with the virtual reality headset on. You can even combine activities from different categories if you're feeling inspired! For example, running and playing football are both sports so they could be combined. Try out new things when it comes to exercise and workout routines. Make sure you know what your limits before trying something new because you may get hurt easily while using the technology. When you use a VR headset for games, there is always going to be an element of risk involved, especially since you will not have any physical contact during the gameplay. Be careful when working out with the headset too. Don't push yourself past your abilities

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    You could design a virtual reality workout to improve athletic skills. You can also create an exercise video game that uses the same principles as FIFA, NBA 2K or other sports games. If you are passionate about gaming then this is your chance to bring it into the real world! Create an app for smartphone users. Get creative with how people use virtual reality in health care: Create apps for rehabilitation of brain injuries such as stroke patients or Alzheimer's disease sufferers. Develop programs for children who have physical disabilities like cerebral palsy. Use virtual reality technology to help people overcome mental illnesses including depression and anxiety disorders. The potential for education will be huge when we start seeing more educational institutions adopt VR: Virtual Reality has been shown to

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    running, biking, yoga, dance. Think about what you could do with a virtual reality bike or exercise equipment at home that would be fun to try out while working on your health. For example, how many calories can I burn by riding my new VR bicycle? Or maybe I’ll work up an appetite for the next meal after doing this kind of activity! Get creative. Remember, it’s not just about technology. If you’re having trouble coming up with great ideas, talk it over with friends who are also into fitness or tech. They might have good suggestions! Now that you’ve come up with lots of great ideas, narrow them down based on factors like cost, usability, safety, etc. Then choose one or two of these concepts

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    how can we incorporate both into a game? for example, running while wearing the headset or training with weights. You could also create an activity that involves your whole body such as boxing or yoga. Keep in mind that you will need to be able to play the game without touching any screens. Create physical exercises based on movements of the video games character. For example: if the main character is jumping up, then try doing jump squats instead. Try using virtual reality gaming to motivate people towards exercise by offering incentives like rewards and badges. Incentive them to work harder through positive feedback when they complete their goals. Make sure you are aware of potential health risks before introducing new technology into your gym. Use caution when implementing VR into your business

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