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  • The most important things we will cover this lesson are the

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    following concepts: A group of people is a collection of individuals who share some common characteristics. The members of a group may be similar in age, gender, or race but they do not necessarily have to be alike. Groupthink: A type of thinking that occurs when several individuals with strong opinions come together and agree on one single point of view even though all other points of view might also be valid. Diversity: Differences between groups of people such as differences in age, sex, ethnicity,

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    following: What is a function? What does it do? How can you define a function in Python and how to call that function? How can you pass arguments to functions?

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    following topics: In this lesson, students will learn about how to do a simple linear regression. They will then use these skills in their own analysis of data. This lesson is designed for students who have worked through Lesson 1 and 2 and understand some concepts related to regression (such as standard errors). A summary worksheet with a variety of questions that can be used after each lesson or activity on this website.

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    following: • The use of variables. • Variables that can be used in place of constants and functions (and vice versa). • The difference between variable declarations, function definitions, and assignments to a variable. We begin with a simple example.

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