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Top 10 Women - Text Generator API

Text Generator API for generating writing about top 10 women in history

Example input

  • The following email explains two things: 1) The writer, Andy, is going to miss work. 2) The receiver, Betty, is Andy's boss and can email if anything needs to be done. From:

Example real generated results

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    Andy <[email protected]> To: Betty <[email protected] Subject: I missed my shift today The above email doesn't contain the subject line or any of the headers. However it still works fine as a message sent from one user to another (even though it's not really an email at all). Is there some other way in which you can send this kind of email? If so how?

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    Andy To: Betty Subject: Something urgent Hi Betty, I just wanted to let you know that I am having a problem with my computer today. So I may not get the emails or other things in time for tomorrow. If you need me at any point please feel free to call me on this number. Thanks!

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    Andy To: Betty Subject: I need an official letter from you today! I have a problem with this. I would like the "official" part of my message to go to another person. So far I've only been able to get it in the subject line.

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    [Andy] <[email protected]> To: [Betty] <[email protected]> Subject: Missing at work! This morning I missed my first day of work due to a car accident with the company van. As a result I will not be able to come in today. Thank you for your understanding.

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