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Fantasy Writing - Text Generator API

Write a fantasy novel - Text Generator API for fiction and fantasy writing

Example input

  • The battle between the elves and goblins has begun,

Example real generated results

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    but it's not going to be easy. With each passing day, more of your friends are becoming casualties in this fast-paced 3D fighting game. If you want to join forces with other players around the world to defeat the evil gnomes, then download Goblinz 2 right now! I think I may have found a new favorite game!

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    but will it be a victory for good or evil? Or is there no hope at all? It’s not just that I’m writing about the same things over and over again. It’s also because I keep putting myself out there as an author in this genre.

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    but it will not end here! You can now join this epic fight by joining a guild! In order to participate in Guild Battles you must first register your character. Once you have registered, head over to your Character Tab (which is located under “My Account”) > Select the gear that you want to use for Guild Battles.

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    but who will win? As with all our games, you can easily switch back to English if you're not fluent in French.

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