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Fantasy Writing - Text Generator API

Write a fantasy novel - Text Generator API for fiction and fantasy writing

Example input

  • The battle between the elves and goblins has begun,

Example real generated results

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    but it seems to be going against the Goblins. The Goblin King is defeated by the king of Elf, he then returns home with his troops. But there was one thing that happened while they were fighting in a forest... a goblin got trapped in an enchanted tree... A new game from Wizards Unite is out! - Explore World of Warcraft: Shadowlands on PC or Mac Find out what happens when you try to remove the curse?

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    but it's not over yet. The game is still in progress as you can see from this new update for the campaign! It's now available on Steam Early Access and will be launched to general release next month. Swords of Valeria is a turn-based strategy RPG with a heavy focus on storytelling.

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    with Gandalf leading his company. The battle is being fought in Dol Guldur; a dungeon-like fortress that is located inside Mount Doom. Frodo Baggins (voiced by Billy Boyd), an ordinary hobbit from Hobbiton, encounters three dwarfs: Bofur (voice of John Rhys-Davies) who serves as his guide, Bombur (voice of Ian Holm) who acts as a sort of cook, and Glumdalclitch (voice

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    with an army of both armies now fighting at full strength. This means that the forces of evil are on the rise, as well as their numbers have grown greatly. This is why you should prepare yourself for them. The game will begin after a short pause when both sides enter into combat mode.

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