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  • $(document).ready(function(){ $("p").click

Example real generated results

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    (function(){ $(this).fadeOut("slow", function() { $(this).next("p").fadeIn("slow"); }); }); }); A: Use.nextAll() and.eq() to find the next sibling and then the next sibling after that. Note that the code below is not tested, but should get you started. $(document).ready(function() { $("p"

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    (function(){ $("p").removeClass("selected"); $(this).addClass("selected"); }); }); A: I have the same problem. My problem is that my class is not working properly. I have tried many times to fix the problem but nothing seems to work. I have checked many times in the console and the class is not being added. But when I check the HTML it is working fine. I have checked the

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    (function() { $("ul").hide(); $("#" + $(this).attr("id")).show(); }); }); A: Use this code. In order to get the id of the clicked element you can use the event.target property. $(document).ready(function(){ $("p").click(function() { $("ul").hide(); $("#" + $(

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    (function() { $("p").removeClass("highlight"); $(this).addClass("highlight"); }); }); A: There are two issues: You need to bind click event to all <p> elements, not just the first one. Use $("p").click(function() {... });. The click event will fire multiple times if you click on the same element multiple times. You can use event delegation

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