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Legal Writing - Text Generator API for legal contract writing automation

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  • Nothing in this subpart limits or affects— (a) any right or

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    remedy that a person may have under the United States Constitution, laws of another State, federal law, or international agreements; or (b) the rights and remedies available to any other party. § 12.1.3 The court shall order an investigation of facts regarding the death of any child whose cause is determined by autopsy to be one of those specified as grounds for mandating inquiry pursuant to § 11.7.2(e). A copy of such report shall be filed with each petitioner

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    remedy of any person that is available under the laws of a state, including without limitation section 4 of title 29, United States Code; and (b) any action for relief against any person alleging an infringement of his intellectual property rights. This Act does not limit— (1) The exercise by copyright owners of their exclusive rights to control the use of copies of their works. (2) The exclusive rights granted by copyrights under this title. Nothing in this subpart shall be deemed to confer upon

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    remedy of any person under the laws and regulations of a jurisdiction, as they may be amended from time to time; (b) the liability of an insurance company for fraudulent misrepresentation or failure to disclose; or (c) the rights of any purchaser or other holder of a contract with respect to such person. In addition to all other remedies available at law or equity, the carrier is entitled to recover damages by way of recovery proceedings against the named insured. Such recovery proceedings must commence within

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    remedy of a person under any law that is not inconsistent with the provisions of this part; and Subdivision (b) applies to actions, suits, or proceedings brought by any governmental agency for the enforcement of any statute. (2) The provisions of Subsection (1)(B) do not apply if the action involves an individual’s claim that: (A) the death penalty has been imposed on him/her based upon information obtained from such individual pursuant to subsection (e) below. In addition to the

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